How to join us

What we give you

The opportunity to join a Team that work extremely hard to maintain good quality training sessions, social activities, have fun, and play competitive Floorball in the UK and Europe.

  • Come and train once every now and then or maybe even every week
  • Become a part of the team and join our social gatherings
  • Chance of trying out for the competitive team, to play matches etcetera
  • By becoming a member, discount on Floorball equipment from

What we expect from you

Our training sessions are open to everyone, but we do ask new member to have previous experience of competitive Floorball at some level. We do not promote and accept any form of elitism or ego-trip culture, but we do want to maintain a high standard training session which is why we ask for this.

If you are unsure of your level, the only way is to come and try out! 🙂

What to do now

  1. Subsribce to our newsletter, this is for anyone even if you don’t come and train once
  2. Drop us a email to summarising your Floorball experience and when you will start training
  3. Come and train!! We’ll take you through all the other general stuff at training.